Sunday, June 27, 2010


To pay tribute to the resurrection of my favorite show, I drew this quick doodle of Philip J. Fry on my new board. I'm always nervous about drawing on my boards with paint pen because I get one shot but this one turned out just right. Viva la Futurama!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Return from Oahu

I returned from Oahu a few days ago on Monday. I spent the weekend there for Fathers Day and to spend time with my older sister from Molokai and her family.
New Fanta cans are pretty ballin.
First day there I finally found this treasure at Pearl Ridge.
My niece celebrated her 2nd birthday.
The Shining is great.
Spend some time with my grandparents.
Went to the beach to watch the sun set.
Hawaiian waters is now Wet N Wild, still fun though.
The fair happens on Oahu during the summer and for a while month instead of just a weekend.
Eliena's first fair ride.
Won these stuffed animals.
I like go Molokai.
But I'll never get sick of seeing this.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Summer has officially kicked in for me. It's already the middle of June and I haven't updated this since I finished finals, I think. To make up for it here are some photos I've been taking this past month and some old ones too.I went out to Lahaina last week and saw that Burger King now serves Ribs. This reminded me of an old Chappelle skit I liked. Pretty funny.
Some night last week, me Kaloe, and Miles went to MCC for one of our final missions before Nah Yup comes out. They both ended up sleeping at my house and me and Kaloe got to workin on some paintings.
This is a sick pair of white vans that Kaloe was given to paint and draw on. I really like the green.
Here the latest piece I've been working on. I haven't touched it since that night but I'm excited to finish it.
Here's a print of Tom Karangelov that Ryan sent me. That was pretty nice of him, thanks buddy.
Here's a photo I took back in April after the Ho'olaulea. Kaloe found this cute hydrant numbered 666 and did a cute ollie over it.

Here's a pretty old photo Dio shot of Kaloe doing what I call a "dangler." Pretty hot huh.
And finally, here a photo from the beginning of the year. Filming for Nah Yup gave us a good excuse to take a trip past Kahakuloa to Lahaina. That day was one of the best days this year.