Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nothing was real

First time skating banyans was after the first night of puking from drinking.

That thing is perfect.

I have such a great sister, thanks for helping me by getting me out of the house.

Joseph made me a nice itenerary with his nice hand writing.

I'm glad he came with me to Oahu this time.

My dad and his band Orion had their first big performance at Pipeline Cafe.

Joseph was getting pumped before the show.

Orion was opening for some guy named Paul Shartino but I think they were the main attraction.

I hadn't seen my dad perform in years, he still got it=)

Me and Joseph noticed some pool tables and took advantage of the $1 games.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A dream within a dream

Yup so to start off this post, there was a huge ass fire in Wailuku a few nights ago. I have only heard of fires in Lahaina and never actually seen them so to actually see one in Wailuku shocked me. I was going pretty nuts while we filmed and took photos with many other random citizens of Wailuku.

On my eternal quest to distract myself from my break up I found that painting still brings me joy.

Here's my newest piece. I titled it "So this is oblivion."As you can see it's kind of a self portrait.

I finally finished this piece as well. I've been taking my sweet ass time most of the summer working on this and for some reason I decided to finally finish it only after the break up.

Yesterday me and Johnny blessed Green Lantern before watching Inception!

John was stoked that he wore a matching shirt.

Joseph lookin' cruise before the movie. I really loved Inception, probably my #1 movie of the year so far.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


For my 4th of July, I went down to Lahaina for Ainoa's grad party. The food was so ono, thanks bruddah.
Finally got the haduken for Megaman.
Nah Yup finally premiered last week.
It was very well put together and I was pretty amazed.
Here's an alternate part I edited of myself. I made this before Nah Yup came out and it just happens to have alternate angles so yuup.