Sunday, July 18, 2010

A dream within a dream

Yup so to start off this post, there was a huge ass fire in Wailuku a few nights ago. I have only heard of fires in Lahaina and never actually seen them so to actually see one in Wailuku shocked me. I was going pretty nuts while we filmed and took photos with many other random citizens of Wailuku.

On my eternal quest to distract myself from my break up I found that painting still brings me joy.

Here's my newest piece. I titled it "So this is oblivion."As you can see it's kind of a self portrait.

I finally finished this piece as well. I've been taking my sweet ass time most of the summer working on this and for some reason I decided to finally finish it only after the break up.

Yesterday me and Johnny blessed Green Lantern before watching Inception!

John was stoked that he wore a matching shirt.

Joseph lookin' cruise before the movie. I really loved Inception, probably my #1 movie of the year so far.

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