Sunday, August 15, 2010

The End of Summer 2010

I can't believe the summer is nearing the end. Summer 2010 has been an unexpected turning point in my life but I think everything is alright now. Another school year at MCC sounds soothing compared to moving to Oahu like I had planned earlier. After this summer I realized how important the phrase, "Bros before hoes" is. So yeah, heres a bunch of photos of 2 special events that I've experienced in the past few weeks of the End...
Nah Yup Taylor knows it.
Yeah Jessica Garcia is supa good. Had a whole wall to herself.
Kaloe finishing some last minute piece.
Bailey Onaga is also very talented. Love the moon!
More proof of Bailey's skill.
Taylor's 1st art show I think. All his photos were great.
Chelsea Rabago's piece was sick. Great idea to use a mirror.
Johnny scopin' Kaloe's sketchbook. Rachel, this doodle is really very fantastic.
Kaloe was doodling as usual.
Leo sung and played beautifully. Especially with that mustache.
Keani really blew me away.
People viewing my stuff.
The back of my old mentor's head.
I just realized that every art show I've been involved in was with Kaloe. I was stoked to have our artwork up on the same wall.
My last minute present to Jason and Mary Mudrick.
The location of Jason's wedding had a beautiful view of the mountains.
Jason was quite ballin' in his bald eagle coat.
Mikey was so down to pound.
The moonlight made it a beautiful night.
The best man after his speech.
Mikey got hott.
Congrats Jason, thats amazing.
Da Boys 1
Da Boys 2


  1. haha my drawing, cool. the stuff from the artshow looks sick! and those mountains in the background at the wedding make me want to go there so bad.

  2. Yeah all the photos and everything Kaloe told me puts Australia pretty close to the top of places I NEED to visit at some point in my life. But yeah whenever you come, it's gonna be supa fun!