Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hawaiian Winter

Here is a bunch of photos of my winter break so far. More of the boys have been coming out these past weekends to skate, I miss back in the day when every single weekend the minimum was like 10 guys skating. We trekked it to some upcon3 spots two weekends in a row and got a nice amount of footy. First weekend we seshed the Holy Ghost bank to wall, which I have never been to. Second weekend we skated Montessori only to have one rugged ass Uncle kick about 15 of us out. Besides skating this winter break, my job had a christmas party that I attended. The hype was built up way too much for this one and so I ended up a little bored but very full from pizza and orange chicken=).



  1. pink boobie on your arm dats nice

  2. I was seriously just wondering when I was ever gonna get an Anonymous comment