Friday, October 9, 2009

Fair Weekend

The Fair weekend was here again and I still remember last year's so clearly. I ended up only going once for once, we went on Saturday night. I'm pretty sure this years was the most crowded because for the first time I had to pay for parking in the MCC parking lot and catch a bus to the fair grounds.
Me, Lei, and Kale walked through the grassy parking lot to our bus that would take us to the fair. I didn't think I would be on a school bus like that ever again after graduating. 
Looking at all the beautiful lights in the night was nice. 
Finally found a seat under the entertainment tent. We met up with Joseph, Mikey, Kaipo, Kala, and Kala's friend Jacob whom I didn't know was with us until I noticed he was following us for a while. 
Got a delish pepperoni pizza and fruit punch. I think fair pizza is in my top 5 favorite pizzas. 
I really liked this piece, it has all my favorite colors. I think it was by like a 4th grader or some shit. Way better than any landscape I could do. 
Kaloe didn't even tell me about this piece so I was pretty surprised and stoked to see it. It's super detailed and I was pretty impressed. 
This volcano erupted some smoke while we were viewing the art and it smelled so good. 
Went over to the games tent to claim my prize at the water balloon darts.
I won this little turtle first try, I was pretty happy with myself. 
This is my favorite picture I took from this night. 
I only went on one ride, the Ferris Wheel. I managed to get on with one ticket. Me, Lei, Kaipo, and Kala had a little double date up there. 
We left at about 10:30. We had to catch the bus back to my car. 

This is the final picture of the night, I took it right before I got on the bus. I really enjoyed this night, I did every thing I wanted. I got a waffle cake delight, pizza, won a prize first try, rode on the Ferris Wheel, and looked at the art exhibit....and I was stoned as shit the whole time. 


  1. A really cute update. Me likey dis one.