Monday, September 28, 2009

Beach Day

To start off the weekend, me and Lei went to Charley Youngs. We hadn't been to the beach in super long so we got burnt a little. Nevertheless, it was a really nice day at the beach. 

In preparation for the movie, I began reading The Road again. That is one of my favorite books and I'm excited to see how they interpret it into a movie. 
The day was really hot but the water made up for it. It felt so good to be in the ocean again. 
Afterwards, Lei decided that she wanted some ice cream so we went over to a little place called Cold Stone Creamery. She ordered a "gotta have it" of Our Strawberry Blonde.
As you can tell by my face, it was super delicious. The caramel mixed with the strawberries was amazing. I was surprised that we finished the whole thing though, it was pretty big.
I was so fucked up that I actually thought it looked good at the time.
Kale and Kaipo came over. We were looking through my collection to decide which movie to watch. Looks like Kale secretly wanted to watch the Hulk but we ended up putting on The Wedding Singer. 
I was pointing out the funniest looking guy in the line up. I realized that my dad had sent me a pirated copy of Funny People so we put that in shortly after this. Funny People is the only movie of Adam Sandler's that I enjoyed more than Wedding Singer. Hah and it was funny because in the movie, Aziz brought up Cold Stone Creamery in his stand up.


  1. ya u should make ur hair like that for school

    i think u'd look super cool ;)

  2. Hahaha, Aziz huh.