Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rockband Party!

Last night me, Lei, and Kale went up to Kala's house for a second rockband party. We had one at my house last Saturday night too. I have to say, having it up at Kala's house was much better. It was way cooler up in Makawao and he has a ballin' ass house. When we get up there, it was just in time for the spaghetti he just made himself. He set up two hookahs and I tried some of the strawberry margarita and pumpkin pie. I hadn't smoked hookah for like 2 years but it was super good. Unfortunately I forgot Lei's camera last night, so here are some photos from the first rockband party we had at my house. 

Kala brought over his Paul McCartney edition bass. It was longer than my guitar so it was pretty tiring to use but it was still really nice. It looks like I'm playing an ukulele. They should make ukulele hero!
Kaloe was looking very handsome on the drums. 
After Kala and Kaipo left, I was too tired to really play anything so I offered to be Kaloe's mic stand. He surprisingly was able to multi task very well. 
Leilani was a cutie because she would sing when nobody else wanted to. 

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  1. My hair was way too long now that I look back on it.