Thursday, September 3, 2009


I started school a few weeks ago. I'm only going to community college on Maui, so it's pretty cruise. I only have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and today was Wednesday. Kale came over and told me that Kaloe recently got an email from Semi Permanent. Turns out they want to use one piece from each of us. They decided that they liked my Ringo piece, I thought if they would use any, it would be that one. So yeah, I'm pretty stoked but they said it was 100% greentead in the book but me and Kale celebrated anyway ;). 

I went with my mom to the post office the other day and got me 30 postal stickers. This is the first that I've made with them. I used paint pen so I can put this cutie on my car and it won't wash off!
Although it is only the second week of class, I'm already super bored. Especially in my second history class. I recently watched Inglourious Basterds for the 3rd time. I fucking love that movie and so I drew a little gay comic of it in class. It's pretty badly drawn but this is one of my favorite parts in the movie.

Recently, me and Lei have been watching Dexter season 3. We finished the whole thing a few days ago but I'm still really into it. Too bad we don't have showtime, we can't watch the 4th season. I heard today that the actor who plays Dexter married the actress who plays his sister on the show. So weird. 

And the biggest news of all, I shaved my beard. I actually think I look better, surprisingly. Hehe.


  1. wow, thats so sick that you guys might be in the semi permanent book, i realised i have met a couple of artists who designed some skateboard decks for semi permanent at some art shows, so thats pretty cool.

  2. thanks. Hah that is pretty cool. I would love to design skateboard decks.