Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Cruzen

These past weeks have been full of me just cruzen. This past weekend, Saturday I think was Kaloe's 18th bday. 4 or 5 cops busted us for skating this sick new bank spot we discovered in Wailuku. Yesterday was a cruz day so after a trip to the airport ditch we trekked up to Swinging Bridges. It was my first time.
The hike up was a lot longer than I anticipated. Miles claims he got us through without having to pay because he was barefoot. 
On the way up we seen these 2 cute dogs. They were pretty stink though.
I thought this little cave thing was sick. 
By the time we got up to this pond, I was sweating. It felt so good to jump into the white wash. 
Here is a nice little video from 420.