Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer 2010

Wow. I can't believe an entire year has passed since I graduated. It's been a long and amazing year outta high school. To celebrate the inevitable greatness of this coming summer, I finished my first acrylic piece on cardboard with watercolor. I titled it Levitation for obvious reasons but anyways, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Go check out my flickr for more:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/26364673@N06/A few days ago, me and Joseph cruised on over to the annual Maui Matsuri festival. I'm not sure if thats how you spell it but I wasn't surprised to find this guy cruisen it over there as well.
Here are some photos in celebration of the upcoming release of our digi cam video, Nah Yup. This guy was pretty ridiculous. He lives in the house in front of this sick ditch we were trying to skate. We'd never had problems skating that ditch before because it was in a neighborhood but this douche decided to try and kick us out. Eventually we got to arguing and the guy decided to get in Joseph's face, the one guy who was most calm.
After the Ho'olaulea we stopped by Makawao school to skate the 6 stair. This is the first handrail I ever did and it only took about 6 or 7 years.
So yeah, heres an photo of the boys back in January when we first started filming this thing. Everyone's looking excited for the video drop. Hehe. Chee, this summer going be great.


  1. Love that photo of joseph and the faggot. I looked the most stoked for it.

  2. Im super stoked for it. This was like the best idea for a new years resolution buddy.

  3. Im so jealous its going to be summer for you guys.. im freezing already. and alex that drawing looks sick, has kaloe showed you the stuff i sent for collabs yet? im excited ( :

  4. Oh yeah he did. So good the smoke one looks like you put some time into the details, i have like 4 different favorite eyes. I haven't started yet but I think I know what I wanna do. And Kaloe said he started the mushroom one already which was also really good too.