Friday, October 1, 2010

Fair Again

Ok so the fair weekend has returned and I just remember it leaving. That year went by way too fast. Damn I still remember last year's parade so clearly, I had to skate through all that bullshit from the mall to get to the park. Anyways here's a video I filmed at the UH Maui Talent Show a couple nights ago. I'm quite glad Miles convinced us to go because we would have missed out on this shit.....hahaha god. Expect a fatter post after the weekend is through...

Perry from Alex Kahalehili on Vimeo.


  1. Just a few days ago i was wandering what the hell happened to this kid... now I know

  2. I never even seen that kid around school so this is my first impression of him, which makes me think he's probably amazing. Yeah Laura that was just some random kid at a talent show our college was holding and to my disbelief he did not place=(