Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Happy 51st birthday Dad!, you're younger than I thought. This past weekend I had an amazing time camping in HANA. The last time I went was nearly a decade ago but the winding roads were still very familiar. We camped up at the National Park, being on that side of the island just made me realize how everything there is a thousand times greater. For example, it started drizzling of course, and the rainbow that was formed amazed me so much, it felt like the first time seeing one. I'm very glad Joseph convinced me to stay the next morning instead of driving down early to go work. Each place we went to just blew my mind one after the other, and even when we got to a spot where I thought it was impossible to top, the next place we went ended up doing it. After a trip like that, I can safely say that HANA is my favorite place to be. The main motive for finally going on such an adventure, was the looming departure of another buddy of ours, Alex Nelson. Thanks again Kale and Kaloe for taking us to all those amazing places. Nothing is Real:

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