Monday, December 28, 2009

Oahu Christmas Trip Day 1

My sister and I arrived on Oahu Saturday afternoon. Our flight was delayed an hour but it was still cruise. The flight seemed to go by very fast even though we had seats all the way in the back, which I hate. Puni was pretty quick to pick us up and the first place we headed was my grandparent's house.
Roven and Roven Jr. cruisen um.
My Uncle Rogan could have been Roven the 3rd.
After my grandparents house, we went to Longs to get medicine for my gross stye eye but unfortunately, they had none.
When we got to my dad's place, I was introduced to some of his wife's family. We got acquainted over some UFC.
Kyle, Nicole, Mateson, and Heather lookin like a little catepillar in her snuggie.
I love stye eye.
Some games and movies I brought over in case boredom struck.
Books for the same purpose.
Some presents I got were gift cards to nearly every fast food place.
Puni tested out my blow up matress which I discovered actually sucks cause it deflates.
I also got these cool Beatles shirts.
And Leilani got me these sick brown cords that I already love.

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