Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oahu Christmas Trip Day 2

Second day on Oahu, Sunday. Me, Heather, and Puni started off the morning with a trip to Pearl Ridge mall. Whenever I come to visit, we always come here at least once. 
Heather and Puni walking through the front entrance of the mall. 
First thing I did was go to Gamestop to look for Fallout 3. Luckily I found a used copy. 
After a bit of shopping, we decided to get some lunch at the other phase of the mall, so we took the sky cab. 
I took advantage of my Mcdonalds card and got myself a snack wrap and fries. 
After the mall, my dad guys went to go see STOMP so I just skated to A'ala and met up with Joseph. 
After the park we skated to the theater where my dad guys were at. 
Looked around In4mation skate shop. That shop had a lot of sick artwork posted around. 

Joseph was scoping out some Cons. 
I always thought it was sick when the moon was visible in the day. 
Joseph, Myself, and Heather sat down while everyone ate Dairy Queen. 


  1. Oh yuuuuup, dis is hawt. That guy that did the panda is alright. You know who that is?

  2. He's some artist from Oahu. I think his name is Angrywoebots.