Friday, January 1, 2010

Oahu Christmas Trip Day 3

The third day on Oahu was the most cruise day. We intended to go to the waterpark but not everyone wanted to, so instead we went down to the Regal theater to watch Sherlock Holmes. 
This was the 2nd time I saw this movie, and it was much better this time. I had to watch it twice to realize how fucking good it was. I love this movie. 
Heather, Matson, Kyle, and Nicole came with us. Puni not pictured. 
Stopped by the Prices Busters store to buy some cheap candy. Me and Heather found these appetizing moon pies. 
The theater had this sick rainbow thing.
After the movie, I drove down to the Kapolei park for a quick sesh. Unfortunately there was a Hawaiian family hogging the euro gap so I left early. 
When I got back, Kyle was making himself in Oblivion. 
Me, Heather, and Puni watched the Rainbows vs the Demons. Hawaii won. I did expect it but I actually got really into the game. Basketball is alot more fun to watch than football. Then we had a quick dinner at Chillys afterwards. 

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