Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oahu Christmas Trip Day 4

On my fourth day on Oahu, I ended the night with a test of my new paints and pens I bought that day. I drew this character on some old paper I brought from home earlier in the day. Before I went to bed I tested out my new watercolors and was pleased with the results. 
I love my new watercolors and am excited to start on some new pieces. 
The new set has a much better variety and quality than my previous watercolors. 
Before we got home, me and my dad watched The Road at Pearl Ridge. That movie was amazing and I'm glad I got to watch it with my dad. 
In the beginning of the night, many of us had gone on a trolley ride downtown. 
Kyle had fun, you can tell. 
The displays of lights were beautiful. 
I really like this one. 
This truck was entirely covered in tiny lights that came out as designs of flowers. 
Beginning of a surprisingly enjoyable ride. 
Me and Joseph saw this whole at the shopping center than ran the trolley. It's pretty perfect to skate through. 
Earlier that day we spend a few hours at this super sick lagoon. 
Kyle guys rented paddle boards, so we fucked around on those for a bit. 
Mid-air towel throw. 
Everybody there. 
Heather and Puni at the Ala Moana foodcourt. 
I got a slice of sasuage and pepperoni, super good. 
Ala Moana is such a huge mall. 
My new microns. 01 and 005, two of each. 
New watercolor set. 
This little store was hard to find but it's sooo sick. 
That morning, I didn't expect to have such a great day. 

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