Saturday, January 16, 2010

So It Begins

I can't remember when but Derek Bega was at my house a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen him in like over a year so it was cool to hang out with him again, especially with Kale and Joseph. He told us so many fucking funny ass stories, I can't even remember all of them. 
Probably won't see him in a long time again. 
Just last night, Ryan guys came over and he rolled a tulip. 
Kaloe was pretty down. 
Kale looked stoked. I think it was his idea?
My first tulip, pretty cute. 
Thank you to Ryan, it was mean. 
So Kaloe's New Year resolution was to make a digi cam video before summer. I was pretty down for that and you can probably expect to see some footage from all these guys. Chee. 

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